Adequate nutrition is the most natural means of attaining and maintaining optimal health through daily meals consisting of a balanced variety of fruits, vegetables, and proteins – preferably organic, free of residual pesticide and GMO's.  A well balanced diet limits or avoids processed foods, refined sugar and carbohydrates and alcohol, which naturally promotes higher energy levels.

    Eastern and Western Nutrition concepts offer valuable resources of health through food by developing a manageable food plan for optimal brain and bodily health, prompting normalized metabolism, adequate weight loss or weight gain, and the prevention of pre-diabetic conditions for your body type.

    A healthy diet combined with regular exercise promotes higher energy levels, reduces stress and promotes health and longevity.

    Addiction is a mental obsession coupled with a physical dependency. Food is considered a substance for many people that can be used, abused or avoided in unhealthy ways. Acupuncture can assist with eating disorders, addictive behaviors, behavior modification, and complete abstinence of substances such as nicotine, vaping, chewing tobacco, sugar, prescription drugs, alcohol, etc.

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