Additional benefits lead to: improved vision, hearing and mental clarity, reduction or alleviation of migraine headaches, reduced stress, brighter eyes, glowing skin, better digestion and improved sleep habits resulting in higher energy levels.

    A 90-minute treatment that includes full body Acupuncture to address constitutional complaints, coupled with extra attention to the head, neck and face. Treatments can involve other modalities: Facial Acupuncture Needles, Derma Roller, Auricular Needles, Facial Micro-Current, Nutrition Therapy, Herbal Therapy. Non-Needle Facial Acupuncture involves Facial Gua Sha (jade tool sculpting) and Face Cupping.

    Tiny facial needles to bring body nutrients {Qi and Blood, and Yin and Yang} up to the head and face, boosting vision, promoting clarity, reducing brain fog caused by stress and environmental toxins, relaxing the forehead and releasing the 'brain-drain' caused by working with computer screens.

    Acupuncture therapies are subtle initially and work cumulatively, a positive shift often occurs over a 90-day period, depending on how often you are being treated. Once optimal health is attained with regular treatments (weekly), it is ideal to maintain health with continued treatments that can be spaced further apart (2-4+ apart).

    The best results are experienced making positive lifestyle changes that involve proper nutrition and rest with fitness, fun, social contact, and pursuing goals.

    Treat yourself, a loved one, a friend or co-worker to the benefits of Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation. Gift Certificates available!

    Gracie Acupuncture can provide Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation + Anti-Aging Treatments and Herbal Therapy for small groups or parties, social events, and offers on-site visits and lectures! Learn more...